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At Triseas, we offer customized solution – procurement and supply chain, turbo machinery MRO, Design Engineering, cryogenic pumping and sustainability management solutions to the energy industry worldwide.

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Procurement Solutions

TriSeas turnkey procurement solutions includes sourcing, review various products using your criteria , recommend the most economical & technical product, third party inspection, expediting, logistics, local customs clearance, delivery and after sales support.

We offer a wide range of engineered products and services used in the field of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and safety from USA and Canada. We also offer specialty drilling chemicals.



MRO Solutions

TriSeas MRO solutions support the end-users to minimize shutdowns and maintenance costs. We provide technical consultation and OEM and non-OEM spare parts for critical equipment - Gas Turbines, Turbo Expanders, Filtration systems, Compressors, Valves and Pumps.

Our business associates provide unequaled parts availability and services 24 HOURS PER DAY, 365 DAYS PER YEAR!




Cryogenic Solutions

TriSeas, in collaboration with Complete Cryogenic Services (formerly Carter Cryogenic Services), offers cryogenic solutions - Performance enhancement Solutions and Parts to all makers of Cryogenic Pumps.

Complete Cryogenic Services was founded in 1988 in California - United States of America and have offices in the Europe. CCS offer customized solutions and services for submerged motor cryogenic pumps and all supporting equipment.


Engineering Solutions

TriSeas offers design and engineering solutions to the Oil & Gas, FPSOs, petrochemical, chemical sectors. Our engineering team is professionally qualified and experienced in all disciplines viz. process, mechanical, piping design, pipeline, civil and structural, electrical, instrumentation layouts and project management and pre planning.

Our services include Pre-bid Engineering, Detail Engineering, Process Procurement Engineering, project Management Sub Contract engineering and Field Support.