TriSeas Solutions

Cryogenic Solutions

In collaboration with Complete Cryogenic Services, California (formerly Carter Cryogenic Services), we offer custom solutions for cryogenic pumps and turbo expanders including analysis and upgrades, field and workshop services, parts and tank inspection. As a well-established service provider, we are a top choice for support and maintenance needs.

Cryogenic Field Services and Repairs

We can immediately respond to field service requests for service, spares or technical assistance. Our experienced factory trained staff are available for travel to any location for service, maintenance or commissioning assignments. CCS has provided field service in LNG plant in US, Asia, Mid-East, Africa and South America.

Diagnostics and Consulting Solutions

We can perform an on-site performance review including surveys with your maintenance and operations personnel to determine equipment status, consulting, safety and operations.

Reliability improvement Solutions

Over time, the demands of your system can change and outputs may deviate from the point of best efficiency. Our engineering and design center will provide the engineering support to ensure your systems are running at the optimal point based on your system demands

Workshop Repairs

Specialist Workshop Services

CCS has its own repair shop facilities in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Both are equipped with special tools and are staffed with qualified personnel having more than 20 years of cryogenic pumping experience.

Electrical Services

Ceramic Seal Terminal Headers

Older gasket seal terminal headers can be replaced with modern brazed ceramic seal terminal headers. The ceramic seal is available in single or dual seal designs. ceramic seals are leak proof and greatly increase the safety and reliability of submerged motor pump installations.

DVPI Motor Rewinds

CCS uses Double Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (DVPI) techniques for rewinding motors This technique results in superior reliability. Our rewound motors have the same guarantee as factory new motors, plus lower cost and shorter delivery than a new motor.

Improved Rewinds Reliability

CCS has the capability to attach especial vibration monitoring equipment directly to your submerged motor pumps. This unique installation will alert operators to excessive wear or pending breakdown, reducing down-time and costly repairs.

Cryogenic Tank Services

TPOP Solution

Occasionally a low temperature storage tank must be removed from service for repair or upgrade. If the tank is equipped with column mounted (in-tank) pumps the last 250mm of liquid cannot be pumped out. Waiting for the remainder to boil away results in unacceptable delays to project schedule.

Cryo Camera (LNG Camera) Services

CCS has the ability to inspect the cryogenic tank and columns using special Cryo (LNG) Camera system. This camera system was tested continuously submerged in LN2 for 2 hours without any problems. Images from the camera are viewed on an LCD screen and recorded onto a hard disk in a Macintosh laptop computer.

Spare Parts Solutions

We can offer spare part for all makes and model cryogenic pump with competitive rates, faster lead-times and reduced disruption to your business. We have supplied our own trademarked ball bearings for more than 10 years with excellent results. We also supply inducers, impellers, feedthrough (terminal header), assembly vibration monitoring, electric motors and most small hardware and seals used in these pumps.

Training Solutions - Advance Training on Cryogenic Pumping Solutions

The objective of this program is to develop the advanced principles of Cryogenic Pumping with emphasis on Liquefied Gas Pumps and their applications. You will gain an updated knowledge on Submerged Motor Pump Designs for Liquefied Gas Pumps; Material Selection for Liquefied Gas Pumps, Installation & Pre-Start up Procedures for Liquefied gas Pumps, Operation Controls and Instrumentation, maintenance and troubleshooting of Cryogenic Pumps