TriSeas Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

TriSeas procures a wide range of engineered products from the USA and Canada used in mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control and safety fields. We offer the industrial buyer a unique purchasing environment. Our technical abilities allow us to work closely with our clients' specific engineering needs while also providing outsourced services to reduce the client's production, maintenance and safety costs involved with daily operations.

Our turnkey procurement solutions for critical projects include worldwide sourcing, reviewing various products using your criteria, recommendations of the most economical and technical products, third party inspection, expediting, logistics, local customs clearance, delivery and post-sales support. We also build relationships with our clients, regularly checking in to ensure that we are able to anticipate needs and keep our clients up to date on product alternatives to replace older technology.

Working in partnership with prominent manufacturers (OEM) throughout the USA, our engineers and consultants are able to design and deliver a complete range of industrial solutions for the transfer, control, and sealing of fluids and gases.